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Real Estate: Targeteting the Right Farm Areas

Targeting the right farm area can be a game changer for real estate agents. Once you get it right, you automatically become the agent of choice for people. Check out some of these top ideas that have proven to work in targeting farm areas with a high success rate.


Choosing the Right Targeted Farm List
This is the first step to success. Choosing a farm area is more than choosing a neighborhood.  A targeted farm list should be a group of homeowners within the neighborhood that area are statistically more likely to sell their homes.

Real estate agents should choose a farm list where homeowners have a Loan-To-Value LTV of 80% or less (So they have the equity to sell their homes). Home Owners who have owned their homes between 3 and 5 years are statistically more likely to list their homes. Avoiding mortgage free homeowners may be beneficial to the beginning agent unless they are an ambitious farmer due to the stability of the homeowners.

By having a targeted farm list instead of a neighborhood farm you will spend less money on marketing and have a higher return on investment (R.O.I.).  Please contact me today to find a targeted Farm List of your very own.

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